Cargo Handling Service heavy cargo

Company specializes in providing Goods Handling Service

Heavy cargo

Cargo Handling Service : Heavy cargo, container cargo, iron and steel, machinery, ..

Loading and unloading places: Warehousing, factories, wharves, seaports and airports, ..

There is a need, please contact us, we are honored to serve

Dich vu boc xep hang hoa professional with strong staff and forklift system, dedicated truck crane, Dai Nam is ready to meet all requests for unloading guarantee of quality – schedule and price.


Stevedoring services
Stevedoring services

Dai Nam Company provides services: Cargo Handling Service heavy cargo Dịch vụ bốc xếp hàng hóa Boc xep hang hoa Loading and unloading warehousing Moving house, moving house, moving house  Handling at ports, airports … Customers can contact us for advice […]

Dịch vụ bốc xếp hàng hóa
Dịch vụ bốc xếp hàng hóa

Dịch vụ bốc xếp hàng hóa. Cargo Handling Service heavy cargo Stevedoring services Hiện nay có vô vàn dịch vụ nổi lên trong địa bàn TPHCM. Riêng với ngành vận chuyển thì luôn cần đến dịch vụ bốc xếp hàng hóa. Quy […]

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