Asahi tower project scale

Căn hộ asahi tower quận 8  is in the planning with a total land area of ​​more than 8000m2 including 2 Block of 26-storey apartment and 2 basements, 6 commercial podiums, only 6 floors with 6 cinemas. The 7th floor plan has a 300m2 overflow pool. 

Extremely diverse and reasonable area.

Apartment 1BR: 51m2;

2BRs: 57-> 80m2;

3PN: 87-> 101m2.

Block B from floors 7-16 is an Officetel apartment with an area of ​​25 -> 50m2.

Each building is arranged with 4 ventilation sides, creating a well-ventilated space and natural light for each apartment. With a total construction density of 25%.

Asahi tower project scale


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